Our instructor has 25+ years of experience

Always dreamed of playing in a band? Hone your skills or develop them from scratch at the Sunland Conservatory of Music in El Paso, TX. Our instructor is a drummer with decades of experience, so he's one of the best people to come to for private drum lessons.

Who knows where your skills will take you? Our instructor traveled the world playing music on cruise ships. Maybe you could do the same - or do something even cooler.

Call (915)-314-8776 now to sign up for private drum lessons.

Combining theory and application

Whether you're taking drum, piano, keyboard, ukulele, bass guitar or acoustic guitar lessons, you'll have to understand basic concepts before you can apply them. That's why we start each lesson with music theory.

Although many of our students have played an instrument before, you don't have to have any experience. We offer...

Beginner courses

we'll move at a slow, steady pace so you can get the hang of everything.

Intermediate courses

we'll cover some music theory but focus on application.

Advanced courses

our instructor can help you get out of a creative rut by encouraging you to apply familiar concepts in new ways.

We recommend coming in weekly or biweekly. Reach out today to register for drum, piano, keyboard, ukulele, bass guitar or acoustic guitar lessons in El Paso, TX.