Learn about the founder of the Sunland Conservatory of Music in El Paso, TX

Music lessons are worth the investment when the student is passionate about learning and committed to improving. Just ask our instructor - he started taking private music lessons nearly 30 years ago, and his music career took off shortly thereafter.

Our instructor established the Sunland Conservatory of Music to share his passion for music with residents of El Paso, TX. He shares his experiences traveling the world as a drummer to inspire students to take music education seriously.

Interested in taking private music lessons? Regardless of your age, our instructor would be glad to teach you. Call (915)-314-8776 now to schedule a free lesson.

Consistency is key

Some kids don't enjoy the music theory portion of our music lessons, but it's important that they understand the concepts. To prevent some frustration along the way, we can...

  • Meet with you in El Paso, TX, to find out which instrument your child wants to play
  • Suggest bringing your child in weekly or biweekly, depending on when you're available
  • Recommend beginner, intermediate or advanced courses, based on your child's experience

Your initial consultation is free.