Offering Weekly and Biweekly Music Lessons in El Paso, TX

We cover music theory and application in 60 minutes

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Never Played an Instrument Before?

You could be playing your first piece after taking 10 music lessons in El Paso, TX

Whether you want to learn how to play the piano or the bass guitar, the Sunland Conservatory of Music will teach you everything you need to know. Our instructor provides private music lessons in El Paso, TX to give budding musicians his undivided attention.

Want the kids to do something creative? Enroll the whole family in music lessons. We provide 20% discounts for parents who send more than one child to our conservatory.

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Calling all drummers in El Paso

Our instructor knows how to rock out. After performing on cruise ships for years, he put down roots in El Paso, TX to do something he was really passionate about: teaching the next generation of musicians.

By taking private drum lessons at the Sunland Conservatory of Music on a regular basis, you might discover that...

  • Your performance on stage or on the field has drastically improved
  • You have a knack for keeping time and finding your rhythm
  • Playing the drums is a blast

We can teach anyone, regardless of age or ability. Sign up for private music lessons today.